Alfonso Urso

Mastered: Vehicle restoration
Location: Wolverhampton

The familiar chime of the ice cream van is a welcome sound of the summer and for Alfonso Urso, his love for the profession has taken on a new passion.

For the past few years, Alfonso has been converting old vehicles into traditional 1950’s ice cream vans.

Alfonso & Son's was first set up in 1956 by Alfonso's grandfather who had emigrated from Sicily. On arrival in the UK, he worked in the coal mines in Hanley, in Stoke, before getting a permit to sell ice cream on his bicycle.

In 1969 the enterprising Alfonso senior then bought an ice cream factory in Dudley Road East, Dudley, which he sold in 1980 and which is still in operation.

“He has lovingly developed several cars into glorious vintage masterpieces”. Comments Alfonso’s 100 Masters nominator. “He isn’t sure how much money he has spent on doing this but he is passionate about ice cream and loves his trade. This man is a local hero and has worked hard, showed dedication, skill and craft to turn old bangers into works of art for all to enjoy. There is surely only one master of ice cream in the Black Country!”

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Images courtesy of Alfonso & Sons Facebook page