Andy Frost

Mastered: Master of mechanical and automotive engineering
Location: Wolverhampton

Self-taught automotive engineer Andy Frost has spent decades as a speed enthusiast, international drag racer and owner of the Red Victor 3, Europe’s fastest road worthy vehicle. This is the successor to Red Victor 2.

He’s won drag racing championships and has set world records for street legal cars, including building the worlds quickest and fastest street legal car in the 1/4 mile (twice).

He spends most of his free time in his garage at Penn Autos and estimates that he's spent £100,000 doing up an old Vauxhall Victor which is the fastest street car in the world.

"It can do 0 - 60 mph in one second!" Andy explains. Not bad for a car he originally bought for £60 in 1981 from a neighbour.

"I just set about doing it up," he told the BBC. "I never had any intention of trying to set a record or anything. I just kept adding various parts over the years, a kind of hobby if you like.

A few years ago, I realised how far I'd come. I'd gotten more involved in racing so knew all about the current records. Then I thought - let's go for it! Let's try and be the fastest!

The car is street legal and driven, but I race it for fun at the drag strip these days. The key thing is that it runs on ordinary pump petrol on the road. Mind you, five miles to the gallon means plenty of petrol stops!"

Red Victor 3 is currently in Bahrain, and we will be going back in the winter to attempt a 3rd world record.

Home of Europe's quickest and fastest street legal car in the 1/4 mile.


Image courtesy of Penn Autos (FB page)