Donald Brown

Location: Wolverhampton
Mastered: Sculpture

Acclaimed Sculptor Donald Brown from Wolverhampton is the Director and Founder of The Global Gallery Limited, established in 2012. He uses his art to promote peace and financial empowerment and to elevate and empower those in need.

For over forty years his vision has grown from visual arts that address personal empowerment to being appointed as an International Director for Project Funding.

He was awarded the Flame Keepers Award in 2013, in recognition of his works of art. In 2016, Donald was included in Fortune Magazine's list of Game Changers.

He is also the creator of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Awards presented to over 200 Executives and Celebrities internationally. The Fund provides scholarships for students. Donald has been entered into Volume 19 of Contemporary Black Biographies, available in libraries worldwide. It documents the profiles of achievers within the Black Community.

In 2006 Donald was invited as an Inspirational Guest Speaker at the United Nations for the then Former US Secretary of State Mr Kofi Annan. In addition to being a Master Sculptor, Donald is also a Master Athlete currently competing for Great Britain. In 2015 he won Gold in Poland in the 60-meter hurdles and was ranked number 1 in the world.

In his latest masterpiece titled, ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’, Donald uses sport to promote personal peace and positive principles for life such as discipline, respect, patience, humility and forgiveness. All 207 countries of the United Nations will receive a replica of the sculpture.

On September 21st, ‘International Day of Peace’ they were all invited to unveil their sculpture at the same time to complete the largest, simultaneous, art unveiling ceremony in history. "If we search for peace without having peace within, we leave our quest for peace in pieces”. Donald Brown

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