Dr Moses Murandu

Mastered: Medical Innovation
Location: Wolverhampton

Transforming the way health practitioners think about healing wounds has been a goal of University of Wolverhampton Senior Lecturer Dr Moses Murandu for many years - so much so he earned his PhD in the subject.

As a senior lecturer in adult nursing at the university’s Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing he discovered that the much-used treatment of using sugar to help heal wounds in his home of Zimbabwe wasn’t one that was practised here in the UK.

So started the, often difficult, journey to prove his tested theories and set up the necessary trials to prove its effectiveness; used on wet wounds including bed sores, ulcers and even amputations, the sugar draws the moisture away from the wound and helps clear it.

Dr Murandu told the Express & Star: “All I want to do is get people to know about it, to use sugar to help people.
I have learned from the English and they have learned from me. I want to work together to help these developing countries as well as here. Wounds are something that people don’t actually bother about - they talk about cancer and diabetes, hypertension, but decaying wounds are a big problem going unnoticed.”

In March 2017 he won the Best Research from a Developing Country at the Journal of Wound Care Awards, also took third place in the Patient Wellbeing category.

University of Wolverhampton