Elizabeth Ilsley

Mastered: Visual Art and Fashion Design
Location: Dudley
Nomination: Peer-nominated

I SHAVE MY LEGS FOR YOU was the bold statement that visual artist Elizabeth Ilsley decided to emblazon on the back of a vintage leather jacket thus cementing her position as THE go to artist for unique customised clothing.

Her take on feminist punk slogans have made her a firm favourite with fashionistas across the globe with one off, hand designed, hand painted creations that have honest, shocking, funny and totally relatable slogans proudly stating the things that many of us wouldn’t dare whisper.

“I fell in love with a particular photo of a man wearing a leather jacket covered in the names of his favourite bands of that punk era. So I decided to paint on my leather jacket for myself, put a photo up on Instagram and here I am!” she told the Huffington Post.

Often modelling the ‘sassy, funny, and pink’ designs herself, women worldwide want to be part of the movement that empowers females and smashes out-dated taboos. Fans of the Dudley born artist’s work range from photographers, designers, models, artists, musicians, bands, creative directors and even Rihanna.

Elizabeth Ilsley leather is sold exclusively with Liberty London.