Gary Clifton

Mastered: Foam Engineering
Location: Sandwell

Gary has worked for Oldbury based foam and rubber suppliers Gilca Limited for over 25 yrs. His first taste of “foam“ was working alongside a polymer chemist from Dunlopillo, who taught him the basics of latex foam production and from then on then on he was hooked.

Thirteen years ago he began to look for alternatives to latex production and explored the more versatile, modern and safe polyurethane.

Working with a polymer chemist at BASF they developed a polyurethane system to mimic cosmetic latex, which is often used for special effects make-up and body painting applications. This had a working title of AleXon, the character of which offers texture and tactile features not found in any other foam sponge cellular materials.

This Black Country made AleXon PU foam has the Chinese mystified and they simply cannot replicate it so this keeps Gary and Gilca Limited at the forefront of the cosmetic and medical game and with Poundland alone selling 30,000 bags of makeup sponges every month a small piece of Oldbury is is going far and wide.

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