Hanifa McQueen Hudson

Mastered: Breakdancing
Location: Wolverhampton

During the ‘80’s B-boys were creating a buzz across the UK, as well as the East Coast of the US, and in the urban sprawl of Wolverhampton, a prominent scene for breakdancing was emerging.

In 1982, at the age of 12, a young girl watched as her eight brothers practised their moves on the kitchen floor at home. Inspired to try Hanifa developed a talent for breakdancing and just a year later was starring in the UK’s first breakdancing music video ‘Electro Rock’ as part of Black Country dance troupe ‘The B Boys’.

Hanifa Queen-Hudson, aka B-girl Bubbles, soon shot to fame as the UK’s first female B-girl with her amazing moves appearing in hit music videos and adverts. While taking the world by storm she soon caught the attention of global sports brands Adidas and Puma who sponsored her.

35 years on and the B-girl pioneer continues to make a name for herself by incorporating painting into her moves. “I call it ‘b-boying on canvas,” says Hanifa who uses her dance skills to produce one-off original paintings from her Wolverhampton studio.

See Hanifa's website here.