Indi Deol

Mastered: Online Media

Location: Sandwell

Indi is the Founding Director of the multi award-winning British Asian online magazine DESIblitz and leads on advertising and strategic business growth. DESIblitz is the UK's largest online British Asian magazine with over 300,000 monthly visitors.

“DESIblitz started in 2008, it’s an online magazine focused on British Asian lifestyle content. I realised there was a need for an online magazine like ours because I could hardly find any content online for UK audience about British Asian lifestyle – all the content was coming from India, Pakistan or USA. I also wanted to tackle a lot of the more sensitive issues around British Asian lifestyle like arranged marriage, domestic violence and other similar subjects, which were not being explored at all within our UK based Asian lifestyle magazines.” He told Barclay’s Eagle Labs.

He also runs Aidem Digital CIC which is a Social Enterprise and digital media agency focused on delivering projects that produce a positive social return.

Indi is Visiting Industrial Fellow of Aston Business School and thrives on utilising digital tools to solve marketing and business problems. His education and background include a strong emphasis on fashion design, and over the last eight years, he has been immersed in online media, sales and content marketing.

In 2013 he successfully completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 businesses programme and in 2015 he went onto be selected as a finalist for the Ernst and Young Midlands Entrepreneur of the year award.

His life motto is ‘no pain no gain’.

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