James Swinburne

Mastered: Street Food

Location: Wolverhampton

James is one-half of Digbeth Dining Club. DDC has revolutionised the way we eat, pioneering a culinary revolution that has gripped the Midlands.

Say goodbye to stale old sandwiches, greasy burgers and boring Mr Whippy. Say hello to tapas, macaroni cheese, Thai sweet chilli noodles, pancakes, waffles, steak and much more. James knows good eating and has been a massive influence on the diet of the Black Country and surrounding areas.

Digbeth Dining Club is a multi award winning event that has changed the face of Brum's alternative food scene since it started in 2012. In a short of space of time, they have established themselves as an all encompassing event of food, music and entertainment. With partnerships with cultural, art and music groups the can regularly be seen involved with festivals and big events showcasing their own brand of fun!

DDC has won many awards including top honours at this year's West Midlands Food Awards.

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