Joan Lockley

Mastered: Hedgehog Rescue
Location: Walsall

Have you ever hear of a ‘Hosprikal’? No? Neither had we until we were introduced to Hedgehog rescuer Joan Lockley.

Joan rescued her first hedgehog in 2000 and went on to set up West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue. Even though our prickly little, nocturnal friends might be shy Joan has managed to rescue 650 so far this year

Hedgehogs are in decline in the UK with an estimated 30% of the population lost since 2002.

Over the years, Joan has become an expert in caring for injured, orphaned and ill hedgehogs. Joan's expertise covers all areas of hedgehog welfare from nutrition for hoglets to feeding and rehabilitation prior to release back into the wild. Joan has a purpose-built 'Hosprikal' where she cares for the hedgehogs and treats minor injuries. She never turns a hedgehog away and to date has rescued over 6000 hedgehogs. Joan is always keen to educate people about hedgehog welfare and holds regular talks.

Over the years Joan has known a number of hedgehog carers who are sadly no longer able to continue their good work – this has led to a greatly increased number of hedgehogs being taken to Joan who is one of the few hedgehog carers remaining in Staffordshire. Despite the long hours and the constant need to fund vet's bills and food for the hogs, Joan has persevered. During the busiest times of the year, Joan will be up through the night feeding hoglets as well as running the hosprikal throughout the day. Joan is held in high esteem by her local vets who work with her as she strives to seek the best care for the hedgehogs who are brought to her.

In 2015 Joan was awarded the International Fund for Animal Welfare's award for 'Exceptional Services to Wildlife'. Joan has also been featured on television with Julian Clary's 'Nature Nuts' series. For more information and to watch a short film about Joan's work go to

Joan, 71, won the IFAW Animal Action Award which was presented to her at the House of Lords.

Visit West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue and see the great work Joan is doing here...