Laura Howell

Mastered: Design
Location: Sandwell

Laura broke through the female glass ceiling of the comic world to become the first woman to produce work for the world famous Beano. The cartoonist produces a regular strip for The Beano, the first in female to do so in its 70 plus year history.

“Working for the Beano is certainly never something I imagined I’d be doing when I was younger,” Laura told the Express & Star. “I find it very challenging coming up with storylines,” she said.

“When I started everything was written for me. When I was a kid I never really thought about how the Beano came together. I just thought it magically appeared on your newspaper shelves. But there’s an army of people behind it. It’s huge.”

Laura also produces work for The Dandy and Toxic magazine and has clients that include Viz, MAD Magazine and Harvard University.

When Laura isn’t busy with her clients she also runs cartooning workshops and is involved in the Midlands Comic Collective.

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