Lofty Wright

Mastered: Blacksmithery
Location: Walsall

Lofty Wright is a real Black Country character and traditional blacksmith complete with forge and anvil in his home workshop. As well as making decorative furniture and gates locally, his skillset and creative mind have seen him produce some amazing work due to his traditional roots.

In 2010 he has commissioned to produce a piece in Darlaston Park which consisted of a 15ft steel tree with 45 individually produced metal leaves. The leaves were etched with images depicting the industrial past and lives of families in a Black Country town.

For Wolverhampton Art Gallery Lofty collaborated with Vanley Burke as a response to the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic Slave Trade. The Blacksmith re- created instruments of punishment and restraint based on historical documentation. Their aim was to bring the horrors of slavery to life in a moving tribute to all those that suffered because of the slave trade.

Lofty was photographed by Martin Parr as part of a project with Multistory called Black Country Stories in 2011.