Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart

Mastered: Ceramics

Location: Walsall

Penkridge Ceramics was established in 1984 by Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart, after attaining BA and MA qualifications in their chosen field of Ceramics.

On leaving college they started working together in the Staffordshire village of Penkridge (hence the name) and began to hone their skills and creating the collectable range of ceramic fruits, vegetables and horse chestnuts known as ‘Penkridge Ceramics’.

Over the years they have created a unique body of work which is now regarded as some of the the best in its field.

In 1993 they moved to Walsall, to a larger workshop. This move helped in the expansion of the range resulting in all designing, modelling and mould making, devising glazes and hand finishing carried out within their studio space. 

Each piece in the range is individually considered, with several layers of glaze added to create both colour and texture giving a ‘super real’ effect, which provokes first surprise and immense interest in the accuracy of the finish.

Their influences lie in trompe l’oeil (an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions) and early still life paintings of fruits, which demonstrates the beauty of the organic forms along with the accuracy and detail required to represent the ‘real thing’.

Penkridge Ceramics work is now collected by private individuals, interior designers as well as being sold in galleries in the domestic market and abroad.

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