Luke Perry

Mastered: Sculpture
Location: Dudley

If you’ve shopped in Stourbridge’s Crown Shopping Centre, walked past St Peter’s Church in Cradley Heath or taken a stroll around Titford Pools Canal in Oldbury then you have probably seen the work of Luke Perry.

Born in Wordsley to a family of chain makers and forging engineers it is no surprise that Luke feels passionate about his Black Country heritage and for the last 12 years he has been building large-scale public artworks about under-represented peoples, often from the black country, in his Cradley Heath studio.

His industry related sculptures pay homage to local industry, history and heritage and he has managed to build over 150 public artworks so far.

“I'm very dedicated to creating the best public artworks possible for the people that will live around them for the next few centuries - hopefully, the artworks will last that long”. He comments.

“Luke is an energy and listening to the pride and enthusiasm in how he produced his work and the meaning behind what he makes is inspiring. Not only is he paying homage by celebrating local industry, he is creating sculptures that will educate and inspire people of the Black Country about the local history of local people. From a family of chain makers, his pride in local industry is solid. He is a growing artist and although has many sculptures in the Black Country, is optimistic about creating more in the future - thus making the industries remembered forever. He is a master in his trade and seen by many as a legend.” Comments Luke’s 100 Masters nominator.

See more of Luke's work here.

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