Luke Roper

Mastered: Fashion Design
Location: Walsall

Luke Roper started life in Walsall Wood. The son of a talented dressmaker mother and hardworking father, by 12 he found he had a talent for sewing and by 15 was making one-off shirts for his friends. He soon became known locally, with lads from all over the area ordering his unique designs and creations and hitting the clubs of the Wild West Midlands decked out in Luke’s original specially crafted pieces.

At the age of 20, Luke went to study in London where he received a degree in Menswear design from Central Saint Martins. Here the designer honed his skills and hatched a plan with family friend Simon Poole to make their own UK menswear brand. On graduation, Luke teamed up with Deborah Poole to start the fledgling business and the journey began.

Luke, the brand, still has the same principles it started with ten years ago with an innovative masculine take on fashion; teamed with great quality this has pushed Luke to the forefront of the British fashion industry.

Worn by celebrities, winner of the award ‘Young Fashion Brand of the Year 2010,’ and a regular in the Drapers Record top five best performing British Menswear brands along with opening stores in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester, London and Manchester Luke has come a long way and has developed into a leading contemporary menswear brand with a following stretching far and wide.

Visit Luke's website here and see his clothing range.

Portrait by Laura Dicken

Portrait by Laura Dicken