Nitisha Patel

Mastered: Food
Location: Wolverhampton

Nitisha Patel is a young and ambitious chef from Wolverhampton who has been working in the food industry since she was just 16.

With a combination of passion, ambition, and love for food, Nitisha has progressed from cafes to fine dining restaurants to developing ready meals for most of the UK supermarkets to recently launching her very own cookery book specialising in Modern Indian cuisine.

When asked, what motivates Nitisha to keep pushing herself and excelling in her foodie quest, she says 'to make a difference to others wanting to pursue a career in the same field', and secondly 'to put the Midlands on the map for good food'. Nitisha is classically trained in various cuisines and has studied Culinary Arts Management at the University College of Birmingham for four intense years. She constantly works hard to stay up to date with current food trends and remains aware of new and exciting food establishments opening in the Midlands.

Nitisha has recently released a book; 'My Modern Indian Kitchen' which she said was a labour of love, put together in her spare time over two years. She added: “It is all about Indian food that is great tasting, fresh, vibrant, and guaranteed to leave your friends and family impressed too. There are a variety of recipes; some are shockingly simple, some are all about slow cooking and some are quite extravagant. My book demonstrates authentic meals with a modern twist, most of which won’t take as long as a curry, but will still deliver the same flavour punches and fun, impressive meal experience.”

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