Peter Chand

Location: Wolverhampton
Mastered: Storytelling

One of only a handful of full-time Indian Storytellers working in Britain today, Peter's performances have been described by others as: energetic, totally engaging, and always told with warmth and great relish.

Peter has been storytelling since 1999, and has entertained audiences all over Britain and further with his tales from the Indian Subcontinent. His parents migrated to Britain from the Punjab region in the 1950's, and though he was born in the Midlands, Peter grew up using Punjabi as his first language. He combines these two cultures seamlessly to tell stories full of life, wisdom, and humour.

Peter tells Indian stories to a worldwide audience this helps him to build bridges between cultures, stories and people. "Peter’s stories are like a balm and his humour is addictive." Commented his 100 Master nominator.

Peter is also on the Organising Committee responsible for the Storytelling Programme for the Festival at The Edge (FatE), the oldest storytelling festival in England, where storytellers from all over the world gather to share their stories and showcase their craft.

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