The Fizzogs

Mastered: Comedy and Performance
Location: Black Country

If you have any kind of social media account there’s a very good chance that you’ve seen these ladies in action.

The Fizzogs, as they are affectionately known, are three women that have been born and bred in the Black Country. Deb Nicholls, Sue Hawkins and Jacky Fellows formed the company way back in 2000.

After completing an HND in Community Theatre at Dudley College the girls decided to form Fizzog Productions after realising they had a unique working relationship. Always passionate about their roots, The Fizzogs established themselves as a community theatre touring company. They have taken various education projects into schools and community venues throughout the borough and beyond covering issues from anti-bullying to World War 2.

2008 saw them on their journey into comedy which has now established them as one of the Black Country's finest comedy touring companies with sell-out shows such as ‘Fifty Shades of Fizzog’, ‘Freezin’ and ‘Black Country Fairytale’.

What the Fizzog girls are internationally known for are the Dancing Grannies. There are numerous viral videos on social media reaching audiences over 350 million from the USA to India. With their crazy dance routines, the girls have found themselves rubbing shoulders with the likes of Peter Andre and more recently the Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton after performing for the Grand Prix in Bahrain.

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The Fizzogs with Lewis Hamilton