The Masters in Digital with Urban Hax

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Urban Hax have been investigating ways of representing some of our 100 Masters in digital form. Using the latest tech they have produced a set of interactive installations that will open your eyes.

100 Masters Sports Pavilion
An installation celebrating the Masters in the Black Country drawn from the world of sport and competitive games. This features a set of nine trophies produced by Juneau Projects and, as each trophy is lifted, a commentary about the selected Master can be listened to.


100 Masters Sound Wall
An installation featuring the art work of Dan Griffin-Hayes (pictured above) in which a range of Masters renowned for their expertise with the spoken word whether in music, poetry, comedy or story-telling. Visitors to the Sound Wall will see a series of iconic images representing these Masters and as each of the twelve icon is touched a sound track will be played featuring the selected Master.

100 Masters Image and Quote Gallery
An installation featuring a range of images and quotes representing a selection of popular Masters from the Black Country. This includes a series of photographs by photographer Laura Dicken whose work illustrated artisan Masters in their workplace.

100 Masters 360 View
An installation capturing the stories of Masters in their own environment and in which 360-cam technology helps to highlight their dedicated work and expertise.

Virtual Reality Masters
An installation produced in conjunction with Fab Lab West Midlands in which artists working in a virtual reality environment explore the possibilities of painting in 3D. Visitors will be able to try it for themselves.

Urban Hax Makerspace
An installation highlighting the work and the facilities of the digital artisans, Urban Hax and the chance to talk to them about designing and developing the range of 100 Masters installations.

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